Q1:  I couldn't connect my smart phone to the bulb. What should I do?  

Please check or try the following things one by one before you email us.

  1. Check if you have switched on the lamp where the bulb is installed.
  2. Check if the bluetooth on your phone is enabled. Turn it off and on again to see if there is any luck.
  3. Check if the bulb is still connected with any other phone which is in the 10m range of the bulb
  4. Try switching off the lamp and turn it on again if the connection fails many times today
  5. Try using another smart phone to make the connection

Q2:  iPhone: I can control the light but not the music from my iPhone. How to solve the problem? 

Our bulbs use two bluetooth channels for connection, one for the light and the other for the speaker. That is, you have already successfully connected the main channel's the bulb with your phone if you can control the light. You need to go to the settings of your phone again to connect the other bluetooth channel. Please make sure that both "smart_bulb2" and "smart_bulb2(ATT)" channels are connected.

If it does not solve your problem, try turn up the volume of your phone.

Q3:  How many bulbs can I control by one phone at the same time?  

In our current version, only one bulb can be controlled by one smart phone at the same time. You can add more than one bulb to your phone though.

We are still working on the project of controlling multiple bulbs at the same time. You may find that on iPhone you can control some functions of multiple bulbs at the same time.

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