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Bi-folding Windows



This is a quote based product, not $1. The $1 link is only for the convenience of ordering. Please read the details below for how to ask for a quote.

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  • Selection and installation meets AS2047 (equivalent to NZS4223) building code

  • Glazing meets AS1288 building code
  • Open outside only to save inside space

  • Silicon with excellent air tightness   

  • 6 years warranty


  • Double glazing with up to 12mm air space, 9mm by default

  • Non-thermal break aluminum frames by default and thermal break frames are available

  • Use DULUX colour system for coating

  • Made to order to your sizes

 How to quote 

  • Measure the size by following our instruction here

  • Make a draw using our online tool (click) 

  • Specify the following options in the draw as well

    • Glass Thickness
    • Air space
    • With/without sub-frame
  • Save the draw as a svg file

  • Use the button "Send a Draw" to send the svg file to us for quoting

After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.
Allowed file formats are: GIF, JPG, PNG


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The progress will be emailed to you or you should be able to check it online at any time after login. It is important to add our email address to your contact list to avoid being forwarded to your junk mails. 

  • Double glazing windows/doors: 5 - 6 weeks. 

International Shipping

  • 2-3 weeks


  • The product warranty varies from one to ten years. 

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Bi-folding Windows

Bi-folding Windows

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