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LED Bluetooth Light Bulbs with Speaker



In stock now. This amazing multifunctional bulb will help you to create an atmosphere which suits your tastes. Please read below for "8 reasons why you must have a smart music bulb" and "3 reasons why you should buy from us".

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Note: These are the latest version products. Different from other products on the market, the poor streaming issue at low voice volume has been fixed.

Bluetooth light bulbs with speaker and colour LED lights are one of the coolest gifts to your family, your friends and even to yourself. All functions, such as light switching on and off, changing light colours and/or effects, are controlled by a free app on your smart phone.

  ♥ Top 8 reasons why you must have a smart music bulb 

1. Gift Idea: Christmas gifts? Mother's day gifts? Father's day gifts? With this bulb, you can make this year a little bit different and a little bit special.

2. Party Mode: Getting tired from your work or study? This bulb can lift your spirits and literally "light" up your mood.

3. For House Owners: Want to spend a little to make your house a little bit different? This bulb can help you to redefine every area in your house, a music bedroom, a music study room, a music dinning room, a music kitchen, a music living room, a music patio and so on.

4. For Uni Students: Rent and share a house with your mates? This bulb can make a major "alternation" of your room and it won't cause you any trouble.

5. For Young Family: Your little one always asks for a bed time story but you still have a lot of things to do? Turn the light to her/his favorite colour and let the bulb do the job

6. For Middle-age Family: You have a hard-to-please teenage kid or uni student at home and her/his birthday is coming soon. Let the bulb make a difference.

7. For Senior Family: Music is always the best mate in your life. With this bulb, you can make it available everywhere and anywhere in your home.

8. Just For Fun: Still need a reason to buy this product? Well, you may find a way to play a prank on your friends with this bulb.

  ♥ top 3 Reasons why you should buy bulbs from us 

1. Meet AU/NZ High Standards: Our bulbs have been tested under AS/NZS 60065:2012 regulations and meet AS/NZS Audio, Video and similar Electronic Apparatus Safety requirements. Most smart music bulbs sold overseas and even some sold in NZ have not been tested under the AS/NZS standards.

2. The Best Price in NZ: Good quality products not necessarily need to be expensive, at least not on We are trying out best to keep our prices "always the BEST in NZ".

3. Bug Free: All bulbs with our Addtocontainer logo are bug-free. Be careful when you buy similar bulbs from other places. You must test if the bulb still works when you reduce the volume to 20% or lower.

  ♥ Install "SmartBulb+" APP 

Once you have bought this bulb, you should revisit this page to install our free app on your smart phone. Search "smartlit2" in your app store or simply click one of the buttons below.

Please check the details in the description of the app for more information about how to use them.

  ♥ FAQ 

Please check this link for any issue, particularly connection issues. You may contact us here if you are unable to find a solution to your issue.

  ♥ Suggestions 

The app-controlled music led bulbs are still quite new on the market. We are constantly making our great efforts and researches  to make our products even better. If you have any great idea, please not hesitate letting us know.

  ♥ Specifications 

Model: App controlled Smart Music Bulb
Materials: PC
Dimension: 80mm x 132mm
Net Weight: 165g
Power Input: AC 100 - 260V, 50/60Hz
LED Lighting: White 5W, RGB 1W
Brightness(warm white led): 450lm
Speaker: 4Ω 3W
Stand-by Power Consumption: ≤0.5W
Remote Control Range: ~10m
Bulb base type: E27 screw
Connection: Dual bluetooth channels

  ♥ Warning 

The bulb is not water proof so it is not suitable/recommended to be used in bathroom. The warranty will be void for improper usage.


The progress will be emailed to you or you should be able to check it online at any time after login. It is important to add our email address to your contact list to avoid being forwarded to your junk mails. 

  • Double glazing windows/doors: 5 - 6 weeks. 

International Shipping

  • 2-3 weeks


  • The product warranty varies from one to ten years. 

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LED Bluetooth Light Bulbs with Speaker

LED Bluetooth Light Bulbs with Speaker

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